Shawl Blue sea


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Shawl dyed with indigo on light wool stamen

Hemmed by hand

Katano shibori: the fabric was folded and sewn over the whole thickness to create the repetitive design before plunging it into the indigo bath 10 times


200 x 65 cm


Fabric: Wool stamen Bernard Oriol, France

Unique piece!

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Additional information

Dyeing processes Shibori: Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric. The fabrik can be tied, folded, twisted, knotted, or sewn. Each of these techniques requires special attention. Some of these techniques require countless hours of work to implement but also to untie and unravel at the end of the dyeing process. The fabric should be handled all the way through the dyebath so that the color arrives in its heart. The result is invaluable and makes the textile precious.
Vegetable dye with indigo: Indigo is the blue coloring matter extracted from the leaves and stalks of the indigo tree (Indigofera tinctoria) but also from the pastel of dyers in Europe (Isatis tinctoria), the knotweed in China and Japan (Polygonum tinctoria), the Strobilanthes cusia in Southeast Asia, etc.) . It is one of the oldest vegetable colors. Unlike most other plant dyes, indigo is not soluble in water but can be solubilized in basic and reducing medium. It does'nt need mordants. It is a vat dye. Here, the vat is mounted from Indigofera tinctoria or Polygonum tinctoria, with lime and fructose. To obtain this shade of blue, about ten baths are necessary.
Hours of work Dyes and tailoring: 14-20H