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Dragonflies prints with katazome dyed with madder roots on

Hemp 80% and Cotton 20% +  Hemp 55% and Cotton 45% Jersey


5 to 7 years

Fabric: “La cantate du chanvre”, Fr

Unique piece!

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Additional information

Dyeing processes Katazome: The katazome is the Japanese ancestor of silk screen printing. This technique of reserve dyeing requires the cutting of at least one cache / stencil in a chosen pattern. This preparation requires a certain dexterity and a lot of precise cutting work. Then a flour paste is applied to the fabric to prevent penetration into the predefined area. The Katazome allows the repetition of the pattern quite easily even if sometimes, several layers are used to finalize a print. In the workplace we use preferably medical radiographies, cheaper than mulberry paper and very solid, priviledging recycle.
Mordanting process: Mordanting is a preliminary and almost unavoidable step in most vegetable dyes. It consists in giving a bath of metallic salts to the fabric whose function is to create a bridge between the fibers and the dyes and to fix the color permanently. Sometimes organic acids are added to this bath (cream of tartar, oxalic acid, vinegar, citric acid). Cellulosic fibers need a bath of tannin to bond the metallic salts to the textile. At the workplace, following strict ecological principles, we use only aluminum, iron, and some titanium oxalate without rejecting waste. Both metallic salts and tannin are classified as mordant.
Vegetable dyes: The leaves and stems, or the roots are crushed and soaked in water for several hours to several days before being cooked. Depending on the plant used we will reach or not the broth. We will leave the juice separately before making a second extraction with new water. The liquid of these two extractions will be used as a dyeing bath.
Hours of work Dyes and tailoring: 10-15H