Eco-friendly clothes:

  • Once the fabric is delivered, everything is made in Brussels: the dyes and the sewing are made at Watermael.
  • Hemp plants require neither pesticides nor fertilizers and they regenerate the soils they grow in.
  • None of our vegetable dyeing techniques discharge toxic emissions.
  • Most of the indigenous and invasive plants from our current biodiversity are used in our home made dyes.


It’s up to you to design the clothes of your choice by combining your favourite fabric, colours, with shibori or mallet-pounded prints of fresh leaves …


To order:

Buying An’tchi clothes is choosing for ethical and ecological values.  It also means opting for alternatives to our current ways characterized by overconsumption.

Everything is made at our Watermael workplace.


We have limited means but the dyeing techniques we use are consequent and take time. It sometimes takes more than ten baths to have a meticulous fabric that can take being washed frequently.


We value quality over quantity.


For all these reasons, delivery time varies according to the orders placed. It is better to contact us soon enough to have your order ready when you want to.

The tones of the dyes will vary according to the kinds of natural dye plants used and to the microclimate in which they’ve grown. As there are many variables in natural dyes that can introduce small variations in tone from one fabric to fabric, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the exact colour expected.


Tips to wash and care:

  • Wash your clothes at 30°C maximum;
  • Use neutral pH liquid products;
  • Turn your clothes inside out;
  • Don’t hand your clothes up to dry in the sun or in the moonlight;
  • Use a hot iron for the hemp to reveal its everlasting softness.